Who We Are

Living Bible Church is a part of the Open Bible Churches denomination. We have been in Austin since the 1960's, and look forward to ministering to the Austin area long into the future. We are a church born out of the pentecostal movement, and expect to personally meet with God and witness the power of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of people. Our church is about a few things. Theologically, we believe in the primacy of the Scripture, the deity of Jesus Christ, the power of Jesus' death and resurrection, salvation by faith, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the fellowship of the believers. Practically, we want to be a healthy, alive, and great church in Austin; and be a great church for Austin. Living Bible Church strives to speak to the world that we actually live in, and bring the power of the gospel of Christ to our everyday lives. A church is a fantastic thing. It is a place of spiritual life and growth, a place of emotional health and healing, and a place of relational depth. Living Bible Church is a place where a person can grow closer to God, find new life in Christ, and discover new friends. You are welcome to come be a part of the Living Bible Church family.

What to Expect

When you arrive at Living Bible Church, you will have to conquer our "building of great difficulty" challenge. We meet in a very old church building, and are looking to move to a new facility in the near future. In the meantime, come on in through one of the metal double-doors on the south side of the church, and once inside, you will discover a warm and welcoming sanctuary, and realize there was no need to be concerned. About that for-sale sign: yes, our property is for sale, but the church is moving forward. We are looking to upgrade from our current facilities to something that suits us better, and helps us accomplish God's goals better. The property is for sale, but the church is great!

Our service begins at 10am, or you can join us for a prayer time from 9:30-9:45am every Sunday. During the service, we have several elements that normally happen. There will be a time of musical worship. Our tradition is for the congregation to stand and sing together, but everyone is encouraged to worship God as they best can during that time. There will be a time of preaching, where we will study the Word of God together. In closing there is often a time of prayer.  

All these elements to our service have the same purpose: to glorify our God and help us follow Him better. Visitors are not required to do anything, but encouraged to participate to the extent they feel comfortable. The church's goal is to help everyone follow God better.


Use the map below to help you find us at

Living Bible Church, 301 4th St. SW, Austin, MN 55912

Our church is just a few blocks south of Austin High School on 4th Street.  We look forward to seeing you here!

Meet the Pastor

  • Paul and Kate Juntunen

    Pastor Paul Juntunen has lived in Austin since the summer of 2000. He previously served as the youth pastor at Living Bible Church for 12 years before becoming the Lead Pastor. He loves the Lord, is excited about the church, and is a self-proclaimed level-5 geek.

    Kate Juntunen is an Austin area native. She grew up on a farm in rural Austin and went to school in Blooming Prairie. Having a heart for the nations, and a little adventure, she spent over 4 years as a missionary with YWAM in Australia before returning home and serving in the local church. 

Affiliation: Open Bible Churches

Living Bible Church is a part of the Open Bible Churches denomination.  We are a Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, friendly and fun family.  For more information, please visit openbible.org


Our Purpose

Living Bible Church gathers to joyfully follow Jesus together; both into the life He promised, and out into the world He came to save. Let's follow Jesus together!